“Overseas students get a lot of advice and stories….but no one has empowered them so far. Through my book, I seek to tap into their strengths and let them develop their own strategies for success…I did it and they can too.”

Shivi Bhalla
Shivi Bhalla
Shivi Bhalla

About Shivi Bhalla

Shivi Bhalla is an author, an 'edupreneur' and a mentor-in-the-making for students from around the world in Australia. He is young enough to remember his student days, and experienced enough to know how to help new students find their way in their new home. Shivi's book "Studying in Australia": The ultimate guide to settling in, finding a job and permanent residency in Australia has just been launched with great reviews from students as well as Industry leaders.

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Friends, I will be posting lots of short videos here to share my views and experiences on various aspects of a student's life in Australia. Watch this space for more.

in Australia

This book is more than a compilation of my experiences and advice. It is my sincere attempt to play my role as a senior student in guiding the younger generation in their journey to attain success and happiness. Do read it and share your views with me. Together we will make a better future for the students to follow.

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What industry leaders say

Shivi's honesty as a presenter is refreshing and insightful. His stories empower and encourage as he shares painful and amusing anecdotes with learning attached. His ability to engage and inspire will enable students to prepare for any transition, across cultures and continents. Do what you can to learn from this young man who walks the talk.

Kerrie Phipps

Author of
"Do -talk to Strangers

Shivi has created a brilliant piece of work with his book for International Students to attain Success in Australia. He understands clearly what it takes to succeed and his pragmatic wisdom is a guiding light for students. Awareness is key and by applying the strategies and action tips in this book will open the possibilities for International students to get permanent residency and learn the skills to solidly network and have powerful communication skills.

Dr. Kinnar Shah

"CEO at Smile Concepts,
Leadership and Business Coach"

The first thing that struck me about Shivi was his infectious positivity. He always seems to have a smile on his face! Shivi has a profound under- standing on what is required to succeed as an international student in Australia. He can guide students towards the correct channels that maximise their scope for success. Congratulations on the book Shiv!

Mike Rolls

Motivational/inspirational Speaker.
Expert in Proactive Resilience

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