“I realised that only by continuing to achieve more in quick time would I be able to gain enough experience to do something for the students who come to Australia from all over the world.”

Shivi Bhalla is an author, an ‘edupreneur’ and a mentor-in-the-making for students from around the world in Australia. He is young enough to remember his student days, and experienced enough to know how to help new students find their way in their new home. Shivi’s book ‘Studying in Australia – The ultimate guide to settling in, finding and job and Permanent Residency in Australia’ has just been launched with great reviews from students as well as education professionals.

Shivi came to Australia as a young student in 2010. Driven by his focus and ambition, he finished his course and achieved Australian PR way before his peers. Most people would have celebrated this suc-cess and kicked up their heels for a while, but not Shivi. In his success, he didn’t see a reason to slow down. He spotted an opportunity to run faster and go further.

Realising that thousands of overseas students struggle to master the English language, Shivi put his energies and savings towards giving them an easy, affordable solution. The result was English Wise – a coaching institute founded and managed by Shivi which offers expert coaching to overseas students, helping them clear the IELTS, PTE, TOEFL & OET to apply for permanent residency in Australia. “English Wise helps me stay connected with the younger generation: says Shivi, “having been a student myself not so long ago, I can understand their pressures and challenges. A coaching institute run by an ex- student makes them comfortable and that was our first objective! While English Wise was going great, Shivi did realise the need to reach a wider audience and let them learn from his experiences as a student and an entrepreneur. It had to be a medium that could be accessible to everyone around the world. After a year of dedicated research and writing, ‘Studying In Australia: the ultimate guide to settling in, finding a job and permanent residency in Australia’ was born – a book that informs, guides and empowers students to settle and succeed in their new home – Australia.

For Shivi, this is just the beginning.

“Thanks to the people who mentored me. I have set very high standards for myself”, says Shivi. “This is just the first step and I have many more projects in the pipeline which will add even more value to everything we do in our business. While the business will need to be profitable, my focus will always be on making a difference to the lives of overseas students in Australia.”

3Shivi Balla is a young entrepreneur, an inspirational speaker and the author of the book ‘’Studying in the Australia – The Ultimate Guide to Settling in, Finding a Job and Permanent Residency in Australia’’. He is also the Founder and CEO of ‘EnglishWise’, a company which focuses on equipping young international graduates with English language skills and helping them to live their dream life in Australia .

Shivi comes from an average family in Ludhiana, Punjab, India.He always had a dream to live a happy and fulfilled life by making a significant difference in others people’s lives. After his mother passed away in 2008 due to cancer, he realised that the time had come to go out and inspire people and live a life of no regrets.

He strongly believes that nobody is average and we are all unique in our own ways. His passion is to break all the limiting beliefs of youth so that they can strive and live their life to the fullest.

Shivi’s training and speeches empower students to find the strength from within to challenge mediocrity and become extraordinary in their own talents and strengths.