Book Summary by Sam Cawthorn

Thousands of immigrants flock to Australia every year. A number of them come for different reasons. For some, it may be a life-long dream, for others, they hope to reunite with their families and while the rest, prefer to study and have a better life then they already have. When I moved to Australia as an international student, I didn’t have the faintest clue on what to expect. Many years later, I realized one thing—we may all come for various reasons, but we experience similar struggles.

Moving to Australia as an international student was my biggest dream. I didn’t realize the many challenges I would face when I arrived. But through these trials, and after training and educating international students, I was compelled to write this book and share with my fellow international students the ingredients to success and how to live the life you always desired. Possessing the right mind-set and positive attitude is the first and foremost requirement.

“Fear can be a challenge, but eagerness to succeed can motivate you to fulfill your dream.”

Not having a concrete plan or vision for your life can be a drawback in your path. Asking yourself what your purpose was for coming to Australia will define what your goals are. Setting short-term and long-term goals will guide you through your journey. Determining the difference between investments and expenses is crucial. Investments provide benefits and help you grow. Acquiring a new skill and learning the ropes lead you to a higher level. Expenses will drain and strap you from opportunities. Find-ing your desired job takes the proper skills, confidence and networking opportunities. A lot has to do on how you package yourself to be the right employee for their company.

Differentiating between working harder and working smarter are vital ingredients to your road to success. Many people prefer to find the next high-paying job, but fail to realize that it isn’t the right job for them. Some people believe that money is the solution to success, but they’re burn-out and unhappy. Targeting decisions that ties-in with your strengths and goals are what you should focus on. Building relationships and collaborating with others will assist you in your career. We all seek for relationships built on trust and mutual respect. Reaching out to others and serving as a team player can help you reach the top and develop enriching friendships with other people.

Since English is the language spoken in Australia, mastering the language will keep you ahead of the game. Learning to communicate effectively with confidence adds more to your skills.

Facing decisions daily can be confusing and can hinder us from achieving our dreams especially if we don’t have the knowledge, confidence, and resources. Tapping into the right tools and using your intuition and wisdom to make smart decisions are important.

Dealing with the inevitable can bring uncertainty, but understanding change and being resilient will prepare you to grow and be versatile. Living in a foreign country provides a huge adjustment. Most international students face loneliness and homesickness, and are desperate to find something familiar.

Studying In Australia


Understanding your goals provide clarity as to why you chose to live in Australia. Reaching out to new friends and other international students offer comfort and happiness. Learning to be adaptable to change offers growth and new experiences. My goal is to bridge the gap between international students and Australian citizens and to motivate you to live the best life you ever wanted.